Blanched Peanut



Peanut / Ounce

38/42, 40/50, 50/60,90/100 


4 % Maximum


1 % to 2 % Maximum

Foreign material

1 % Maximum

Oil Content

42 % to 48% Maximum




4 % Max  

A blanched peanut is one in which the skin or outer layer is removed. The blanching procedure is completed by putting the peanuts in hot water for about three to four minutes, then quickly cooling them and rubbing off their skins. Once, the skins have been removed spread them on paper to dry and refrigerate.

Peanut is a large producing crop in India, especially Gujarat. Gujarat is the main sourcing state of peanut account for almost 60% of peanut production in India. We at Bhimani Exports outsource rich and quality groundnut from farmers and nearby APMC markets and bring it to our facility for the further machining process. It’s produced by raw peanuts and sourced from our trusted farmers and process in a well-equipped hygienic environment and finally packed meticulously to retain the freshness and nutritional value of these peanuts, Bhimani exports private limited one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of a wide range of raw peanuts and blanched peanuts. It has a high shelf life and a strongly aromatic fragrance. We make sure to check all the boxes of buyer requirements about products from the quality standard to packaging standard. Bhimani Exports offers Blanched peanut, blanched whole peanut, blanched split peanuts, blanched peanuts 38/42, blanched peanuts 40/50, blanched peanuts 50/60, blanched peanuts 60/70, blanched peanuts 70/80, and blanched peanuts 80/90.

Bhimani Exports private limited is a producer, manufacture, supplier, and exporter of peanut and blanched peanut since 2014. We are supplying these quality peanuts to the domestic as well as international markets.

Packing Details

Types of Bags


Vacuum Pack


P. P Bags

25 kg / 50 kg

Customer Requirements


Loading Details

Types of Containers


20’ Ft

19 MT

40’ Ft

27 MT

Use And Benefits Of Blanched Peanuts
  • Daily diet of peanuts helps malnourished and underweight people
  • Mostly, blanched peanut used as additional material in chocolates and sweets
  • Blanched peanut is a good source of protein and saturated fat, good for a healthy diet.
  • It has many forms such as raw, roasted, salted, and steamed.
Bold Blanched Peanuts
Split Blanched Peanuts
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